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About us

We provide expert advice and support to organisations looking to improve their processes and operations, or those looking for flexible project management resources.

We typically work with three groups of organisations; management consultancies, SME, and in-house HR & learning functions.

These are the typical question that clients come to us for saying:  

· We need to scale up our project management team as we’ve sold a large client project, and don't have someone who has the operational experience and the credibility to step in and mange the project

· Our business has grown but our business processes have not kept pace, we lack the time, resource or expertise in-house to make changes to these processes

· We need to off load some of our project management responsibilities, so we can concentrate on building our business and giving our clients a great experience 

· We are short on available resources to roll out a people development programme, and we don’t want to pay for an expensive interim, but would like someone change management project experience

· Some of our processes are just not working or used as they should be, and we would like to improve operational efficiency so that embedded within the culture

Sound familiar?  Then we can help you!